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Not everything is loading

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I just installed OpenRCT2 and can't wait playing it.
But the problem is that when I load a scenario not everything is showing (buildings, paths, ...)
What did I do wrong?

I attached an example of Prisoner Island or castle idk anymore
Thanks for helping!

Cliffside Castle 2018-10-21 13-50-09.png

Cliffside Castle 2018-10-21 13-50-12.png

Cliffside Castle 2018-10-21 13-50-14.png

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7 hours ago, jensj12 said:

You don't have the new .json objects that are required for the original objects to work. How did you install OpenRCT2?

If he was missing the JSON objects the park would fail to load. Invisible objects usually means that the JSON objects are present but not the corresponding vanilla objects (the JSON objects don't contain the actual sprites, they are still loaded from vanilla).

This probably means the expansion packs are not installed, because the game will not start at all without vanilla (it requires g1.dat). If it's all objects that are invisible and not just expansion objects, I would check to make sure the ObjData folder hasn't been deleted or moved.

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