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[WIP] Untitled park, Discover many magical worlds in one day!

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Hello Forum,

Time to show my first WIP in years.

It's not going to make a upload anywhere soon but might be visible due to the servers later on.

Well, i started working on the main entrance which has a Disney inspired feel. 

Loads of shops, and a main-street which get you into the dividing area of the park.

The current ride build is a Haunted Mansion ride (The flat) cause this side of the street houses (Do you get the joke) some darker secrets then guests know of.

I'd like to work a lot with showing the backstage areas. 

This is the first teaser, more to follow soon. 

If you want to participate, send me a message on the forums, i'll send the workbench and you can trial and error an audition for the park.

Also, there are projectors coming into the main-street for the big park closure finale show.



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Welcome to my latest project:

Things to be done:

-  Repaint some rock work

- Adding the food area

- Adding the right Foliage

- Building/Finishing the station

- Add some details in the mountain cottage and temple

- Need a name

- Write a good story for it

And as a Surprise, This time the ride end with the Dark-ride section, instead of the big Splash finale.

The ride is around 6 minutes, which is a bit long, but the excitement rating is currently above 7,5.

So i'd hope guests will like it, and not say that they want to get off the ride. 






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Welcome, To Journey of the hidden artifact!

The ride has become more complete now!

Still not everything is finished.

There is a walkthrough inside the mountain, a darkride after the splash and a temple with a stolen artifact. Can you find the magical piece and restore the mountain's magic?




More to come soon,


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