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  1. Hey Guys, I don't have a lot of experience with Linux and Ubuntu, but I managed to start a Minecraft Server on it a few months ago. Recently I wanted to use my externally hosted VPS (at OVH), to play OpenRCT2 with many friends of mine; but I couldn't figure out how to install it. Many tutorials and other topics aren't clear to me, or tell how you should do it within OpenRCT2 or with software such as Hamachi. To be clear: I DON'T want to host my server locally, I want to use my OVH VPS with Ubuntu 16.04 to host it 24/7 (with a password of course). I tried to use the step-by-step progress from the wiki, but the reading and copy-pasting didn't really work. How do I run the Server from a command line? Do I need the RCT2 files, and can I copy these from my Windows PC? And if so, can I just use the 'home' directory for that? Do I need some other dependencies for this? So, if someone can explain me clearly how to run a Multiplayer Server on an external Ubuntu VPS, this would help me a lot. Thanks in advance. (Yes, I moved this topic from "Problems, Bugs & Feedback" to here.)
  2. Amazing work man! I'm very inspired by this. Can't wait for the next updates!
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