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Paths and other Scenery are not shown

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Since i downloded Version 0.2.0 the game doesnt show Paths and other Scenery in the MAin Menu or in the game (like in the Picture).

I play on Win10 and have the Windows x64  installed

Edid: Even the trains arent shown

Diamond Heights 2018-07-29 11-47-11.png

Edited by FTO
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22 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

If it did work before, you might be missing some of the new json objects. These should be included in any download, but something may have gone wrong.

I had this problem. The solution was to run "make install" to download them, and then copy them to the correct directory.

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@jensj12 @X7123M3-256 It's not caused by missing JSON objects. All of the objects are _functioning_, they only lack assets. That is the symptom of JSON objects being present, but the original .DAT files missing (or in the wrong directory).


Most likely, the OP put the original DAT files in Documents/OpenRCT2/object or <OpenRCT2installdir>/object, which used to work, but now doesn't.

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