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I Hate This Game

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9 hours ago, ConnorX37B said:

I spent three hours on a roller coaster in a mutli player game and everyone was so mean to me they just deleted my coaster.

Did you follow the rules of the server? On some servers i know they delete coasters when people make one so big that it uses up all the money.. On other servers you're not allowed to make extreme stuff.  

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Don't you think it's an overly dramatic response? You had a bad experience on one server, and you then proceed to say that you hate this game. Have you spent a moment considering that:

  1. We don't run that server
  2. Not all servers are like that
  3. Judging an entire community and the programmers of a game based on one experience is stupid?

Now, I'm not saying what the people in the server did was justified. But I have trouble seeing stuff from your side if you so easily dismiss a whole game and community based on one bad experience. Especially on this forum, which is here to help people, not a place to piss on the game.

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If multiplayer upsets you, play singleplayer. That's what I've done since multiplayer was available. There you have full control over the entire park and no one can delete your stuff. If you still want to be competitive, try to find a contest on a forum to participate in.

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