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I'm using the development branch, so it might be different for you, but in the options menu, there's a dropdown menu on the first tab which says "graphics rendering" or something like that. There will be an option for "Open GL", so you should select that. There will also be a tick box for day/night and lighting, so these should both be ticked. Hope that helps.

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2 hours ago, chase180924609 said:

whenever i click openGL it doesnt have any effect???? is there a way for me to fix it? 

What effect were you expecting? Using OpenGL means the rendering takes place on the GPU rather than the CPU. It should improve performance, but you might have to try a very detailed park (like one of the H2H parks) to notice the difference. If you don't see any benefit, there's no need to have it enabled.

The OpenGL renderer used to have a lot of issues, but it seems to have improved a great deal since I last tried it, and I no longer have any problem with it. I know that some people are still having difficulty getting it to work. If this is you, you'll need to explain exactly what is going wrong if you want help with it, but personally I'd turn it off if it's causing problems - most parks will work fine with the software renderer.

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12 hours ago, chase180924609 said:

it stays untouched when i put opengl on, is this what its suppose to look like? bc this is what i was expecting...

I'm not sure what difference you expect - the OpenGL renderer does the same thing as the software renderer, the difference is in how it's done.  The benefit of turning on OpenGL is improved performance - it should look the same (though there could still be some differences, I know that there used to be many but I haven't kept up with improvements since then).

Your second screenshot looks darker because it's taken at night, not because it's rendered with OpenGL. If you're asking how to turn on the day/night cycle, it's in the options menu, in the tab with a tree icon.

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On 21/06/2018 at 15:59, saxman1089 said:

The screen you've posted is from an experimental branch of the game that has not yet been incorporated into the main fork yet, so no, the in-game lighting effects do not look like that yet. 

But when Will it be released?

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