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Sandbar Shores

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Hello! I'm new to the forums and fairly new to making good parks, but I decided to start my own custom park. I did the terrain by myself (took nearly 3 hours over two days), and while I'm sure it could be better, it's a start. Any and all feedback will be helpful!

Anyway, here's what the park looks like:


It's pretty basic, I know. I want to get better at terraforming, but I was also itching to play the game. I may make it look better as I build the park.

Anyway, the goal is 1000 guests in 5 years. Easy, I know. It's mostly just so I can have something to works towards. I intend on making this both an aesthetically pleasing park as well as a functional one. I'm aiming for that natural 999. Starting money is 10,000, starting loan is 10,000, and max loan is 20,000. All rides are already unlocked. The map is 148x148, though I'm not sure what the area of the sandbar is. Climate is warm, guests are normal in every way.

I'll be attaching the scenario file if anyone wants to play along, plus I'll attach the save file every update. 



Sandbar Shores.sv6

Sandbar Shores.sc6

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Made a few whoopsies! Said the wrong map size and forgot to change a few things in the scenario before publishing.
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Nice, there aren't enough scenario makers around! I've got a few tips that would make this look better: Try to increase the height difference between the lowest and highest point of the map, to make it more hilly in general.  Now it looks like a high tide would flood the island, or a low tide would make the ground underwater completely dry. And adding some foliage and grass would make the island seem far more alive.

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Ahh, a celebrity on here replied to my post!

Thanks for all the advice. I was going for a man-made sandbar type thing, which is why there isn't any life to start. And yeah, it could stand to be more hilly. I like working on flattish areas when making coasters. Though, maybe next time I should try a mountain to challenge myself even more.

Anyway, I made some stuff! Mostly flat rides, all though I did place down a coaster I had made previously just to earn some extra cash.


I added a few shops to the entryway, and also made an underground path because people don't like monorails and would rather walk. Opposite of real life, it seems.



To the right of the monorail exit are some rides mixed in with a food court area. Take a gentle ride on the Island Horses, or if you're looking for more extreme, check out jungle Whirl or Pirate's Plunder! Or, if you'd like to pretend to attack a pirate ship, go to the unnamed Boat Hire 1. Man, scenery makes the rides up to 50 cents more profitable than not having any.



Then, here we have an unnamed maze and a launch ride thing called The Treetop that's, well, themed like a tree. I'll finish the treetop next time, but I'm a little sceneried out. Also, in the building by the maze, there's a drink stand and a popcorn stand.


Here we have Jurassic Beach. The track is actually a prototype of another mine ride I did on GTW's Nostalgia Server a few maps ago, Silas Castle Seige. There's also a bathroom right by it. I need to make the scenery look better next time, but oh well.

Again, any feedback is super helpful!

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Here's the map so far! I still have a long, long way until it's full. Also, I managed to attain that natural 999 park rating, plus I make money much faster than I use it. So far, this park is a success!


Here we have Aquaman's Flight, a flying roller coaster and serious money maker. I also put a 3D theater by Jurassic Beach.  5b26976c22739_SandbarShores2018-06-1711-58-57.thumb.png.c412102686b40b5ab319106c25322ae6.png

Here we have the finished Treetop, a food and souvenir court, and a wooden coaster called Pirate Ship Graveyard.


A new Mine Ride named Beach Helic, plus a new Motion Simulator, Space Rings, and Ferris Wheel. 

Sandbar Shores 2.sv6

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Even though it's a sandbar, you should really try to do some more landscaping under your rides. Make some artificial mountains between them, vary the land texture a bit, place some water. I think it will look a lot better than just using sand with some scenery objects here and there. For example, you could let the orange coaster race through a pirate town on its lowest level, or you could let the wooden coaster go through some caves or waterfalls.

 Also, you should avoid using water spouts (the tornadoes), those just look silly when placed above water level :P

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Will guests actually use that monorail correctly? Like when they want to leave, they'll hop on it? I don't think they will unless openRCT2 changed their behavior. This is one of the things I like about RCT3, guests actually use transport rides correctly.

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