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  1. Will guests actually use that monorail correctly? Like when they want to leave, they'll hop on it? I don't think they will unless openRCT2 changed their behavior. This is one of the things I like about RCT3, guests actually use transport rides correctly.
  2. Where do I put custom rides (their .dat files) for them to show up in OpenRCT2? I have the base vanilla retail RCT2 installed on the computer as well, and they all go in ObjData...
  3. I heard RCT1 was written entirely in assembly? As a programmer-in-training this is fascinating and amazing to me. Is RCT2 also written in assembly? What about OpenRCT2?
  4. Culbrelai

    New Pacifica

    Well, thank you for making my coaster building skill appear better than it actually is seriously you make great rides, have you ever tried making any flat rides?
  5. Culbrelai

    New Pacifica

    Wow, this is the most exciting coaster I've ever made. It might be a function of being a custom coaster type though (B&M Wing Coaster, forget who made it, sorry but you know who you are =P) New Pacifica is going well =P charging $10 a pop for rides on this monster lol
  6. Culbrelai

    New Park

    What custom scenery is that waterfall from? It looks pretty good
  7. Ya they are working on it, it's one of the most requested features so I'm sure it will be included =P I also want to be able to do like in RCT1 where you can have a park entry fee AND pay per ride instead of one or the other...
  8. Yeah I would like this as well, even if it means editing the ride, since splash boats seem to be one of the few rides you can get "Ultra-Extreme" excitement on, the problem is they usually last 4+ minutes so guests get unhappy, part of that is the lift hill sequence.
  9. Culbrelai

    My New Park

    I have the same problem with starting over and over until I get an idea just right/have new ideas
  10. Culbrelai

    New Pacifica

    Which scenery peices? I try not to do that. The trees I place in the scenario editor are all one type yeah, mostly because I am too lazy to switch it up lol. Most of them will end up getting replaced when I build over them with rides/scenery/theming anyway. I also tend to go for the 'crowded' (not exactly the right word) look, or the compact look, because I personally LOVED the way the "Blackpool Pleasure Beach" scenario looked in RCT1 Deluxe. I loved everything about it and every park I make is trying to replicate how epic that one was to me. I love constructive criticism, though, thanks. Here's a new overview 5 years later. Only 78 rides and one side of the park is sort of full (Gotta figure out what to do with that central-park-like space in the middle near Two of Hearts though) Mine themed area that's not completely done yet. I usually return to themed areas of my parks after some time to add more to them after I get new ideas. This is one of those times. Also note the skyscraper-esque buildings in the southwest, it's my new monorail station, pretty happy with how it came out, I will probably reuse that design. Snowy themed area with my bobsled coaster. Fairly happy with it. I was a little lacking on the snow themed scenery though. Planning on adding a chairlift here that goes up the main mountain later. (the largest mountain on the map, see overview) Medieval themed area, I originally just did this coaster (the grey one) for fun sort of brainstorming and I did not think it would be rideable ("Ultra-extreme" intensity for sure I thought) but it ended up being perfectly usable. Pretty happy with it as well. Will probably add more scenery/buildings around it as soon as I figure out what to do with it. I seem to do the best with Twister coasters, you'll see a lot of them in this park by the end lol. I like how flexible they are. Ghost train ride in the building in the previous screenshot. I will probably add something else to the roof later as well, perhaps another monorail going somehwere else. And my most recent coaster, was going for "Extreme" excitement, nearly there. Will add more scenery and perhaps water to try to bump it those few points up. I forget who made this coaster, (it's non-standard but it uses giga coaster track pieces, no loops, etc, only difference I can see is it's unique train models). Roman scenery is my favorite. (see overview for bigger picture)
  11. I heard object limits and ride limits (in the scenario creator) are also limited by this. Although I bet the UI would not support someone picking every single theme group (which I would like to do, more variety for mah parks) so the devs would have to expand that too. Can hardly wait for .sv7 =P
  12. Culbrelai

    New Pacifica

    UPDATE: Here's a new overview of the park. New dinosaur/jungle themed area with three of the most compact roller coasters I have ever made, a dualing Velociraptor steeplechase and a "stampeding herd" stand up coaster. Seaplane coaster also in the jungle themed area, reminds me of indiana jones ("Get the plane up!") so I threw it in the jungle area. Finally, my efforts at making a longer coaster succeeded, almost 4 minutes long Q_q. Also fancy building surrounding the station. (see overview for whole ride)
  13. Does this include stalls/shops or only literal "rides"
  14. Culbrelai

    New Pacifica

    So here's my first park (that's worthy of showing) in OpenRCT2. Nowhere near done obviously. It's max size 254x254. Beach with large 'ocean', mountain and hills in the back of the park with plains in between. I hope to fill it all eventually although it'll probably be like year 50 or 100 by the time I do lol. I'm also pretty crappy with scenery (trying to get better building outbuildings and things but I'm not very creative with that) First roller coaster built in the park. All of my coasters seem to be around 2 minutes in length. I know rides over 4 minutes guests get angry. How long are your roller coasters (time). I feel like mine are too short Second one, the Time Demon. Not too happy with that intensity rating. Although, I've never seen "Very High" across the board before. Anyone ever get "Extreme" or "Ultra-Extreme" in nausea before? Personally have never seen those. Third coaster built. Much more happy with the way this one came out. It's a real money maker, constantly full. It's a stand up twister. Named due to the loop in the center looking like a heart. Overview of the park so far. Kind of stuck, don't know what else to build tbh. Thinking of making a plaza of some sort at that 4 way intersection. I have also noticed, to my suprise, that guests seem to do better with triple wide paths than my usual double wides. Nobody getting lost so far.
  15. For me, Stand Up (non-Twister) is the hardest, I always get crap stats with it. Prolly too ambitious with the inversions... bah. Easiest for me are Twister, Hypercoaster, and Steel Twister, the latter of which I got my first "Extreme" excitement from a roller coaster =P
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