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Too bright in some saved games

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Some of my newer saved games have a weird apparent glitch--they're way too bright. Not in terms of the weather, but toolbars, menus, everything. (See the picture for a comparison of the main menu and one of the games affected.)

The first time this glitch appeared, it happened during gameplay--I had a game open, and it switched to bright. I closed RCT and opened it again, and it was fine. It happened that way for a couple of days--the brightness would switch on randomly, and sometimes switch back off. Now, however, those saves are always too bright. Older saves are fine, and one I tried today is also fine. All of the saves from a few-day time period are affected, roughly corresponding with when I first activated the debugging tools menu. (I haven't really used it, only poked around, and it's still active, so not sure if that's a factor.) The bright saves are all stock scenarios, nothing custom.

Other details... I use OpenRCT2 Launcher, so it should be up-to-date. Windows 10. I'm attaching one of the bright files for reference.

Any idea what's going on here?


Amity Airfield.sv6

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Update: I was just playing a game from a stock scenario that (Electric Fields) that I'd never closed since starting it (I'd only been at it for maybe half an hour), when I wanted to go back to a previous save state. So, without closing anything, I loaded my last save. And although the game had been its ordinary colors previously, when I hit Load, it opened up in the too-bright colors. So, somehow, the colors of all saves are being shifted or filtered or something.

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RCT2 uses a palette to render everything. Go to the objects selection (you may need to enable debugging tools in the options first), and check the water color. Changing the water color changes the entire palette (but the original ones only have different water colors). Does changing or reselecting the water color help?

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No, that makes no difference.

Also, new development: I saved a ride, and immediately it switched over to too-bright version. I don't know why it did that when I simply saved the ride, whereas it didn't happen yesterday when I saved a game, only when I loaded one... Odd. Very annoying, though.

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There used to be a slider, i think, in the options menu, for adjusting the in-game brightness, but i cannot find it at this time, and so it may have been temporarily or permanently removed from the game by the programmers... There is also an option to be checked and unchecked in the "tree" /"rendering" tab in options, to cycle night and day, this can cause a change in brightness during the game.

You may be having some unusual or strange problem that is otherwise, and if so, i couldn't help you myself, i am not a programmer.

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Thanks for the ideas, @joshmarsilio. Neither of those describes my problem--I haven't found an in-game brightness adjustment either, and the day/night cycle is unchecked, and in any case, it's not just the map that's effected--the menu brightness is changed as well.

I'll get this set up as an issue in Github.

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I don't think this is the issue, but check to make sure that the light option is also unchecked (should be right under the day/night cycle button). If it is, you'll have to check the day/night cycle, uncheck the light option, the uncheck the day/night cycle again.

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