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Tycoon Park from RCT Classic

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Forgive me if this has been brought up, but I did not find it in a search.

Is there a download anywhere for Tycoon Park from RCT Classic, the park one unlocks when they beat all scenarios on the iOS/mobile app?


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1 hour ago, jensj12 said:

I have never played RCT Classic that far, but if it's the same as Mega park from the original RCT1, just point OpenRCT2 to your RCT1 directory (you must have RCT1 installed for this) and unlock all scenarios.

It's the same idea as Mega Park, you just have to beat/unlock all scenarios. 

Isn't Mega Park the same as Megaworld Park from Loopy Landscapes, just without rides?

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2 hours ago, saxman1089 said:

Maybe ask over on Reddit? This is particularly about OpenRCT2, although someone might have what you're looking for here. You just might get a better response on Reddit.

Where on Reddit should I ask?

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