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The great circle (For lack of a better name)


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Things i built today:

First I did some modifications on Anomaly.. I gave it a brake run in the middle, to do something about its bad capacity. It is much better now! Also, instead of just bunny hops, the second part now twists and turns, making it look a lot more interesting (imo). The greenery now also twists along with the roller coaster :D 59f783ec21231_TheGreatCircle2017-10-3020-46-44.thumb.png.3d35eb8bd8e11cac033e48a031beed79.png

After that, i finished work on yet another roller coaster that extends outside the middle area:


This one is called Decimus, and is heavily inspired by roller coasters like Colossus in Thorpe Park. And, like Colossus, it also has 10 inversions :D The stats are also pretty good:


After the 10th inversion, the roller coaster makes one last dive into the jungle before returning to the station building.

For the people who want to take a closer look, here's the save:

The Great Circle 19.sv6


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Things i built today:


(I just can't stop building :D)


I moved the Roto-drop to a different location to make space for yet another roller coaster that extends over the edge of the middle area. Here it is, in its new location:


And now, i present to you: Ferrari Force!

A giga coaster sponsored by Ferrari, with an emphasis on speed.


First, from the station building it gently travels over a bridge.


After that, it will wait for the track ahead to clear. When that is done, it will enter the launch track where it will be launched to a speed of 130km/h.


After this, the train enters a circuit with several high speed turns and some big hills.


Let's take a moment to commemorate the brave handymen who risk their lives everyday to keep the lawn under this rollercoaster in good shape :P

Here's the save file, for the people who are interested:

The Great Circle 20.sv6

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Alright, this park probably is not going to change much anymore.

Things that went well:

- Learned to hold CTRL while placing scenery 9_9

- Made decent station buildings for most rollercoasters

- I'm happy about the design of almost all rides

Things that didn't go very well:

- Guests keep getting lost.. Difficult to implement straightforward paths if a part of the park is so much higher than the rest.

- Park rating xD

Time for a new project! :D

Feel free to leave a verdict or comments.

On 4-11-2017 at 13:31, Deurklink said:


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Awesome park, love your creativity.


You even sometimes have a similar mindset with your names- I built a Swan Lake ages ago- guess the rides plant name ideas in our heads so names probably pop up a lot as people get the same ideas for names (I love making puns such as Undermined for a mine train or Pretzel Loops for a pretzel shop, Turned Bank for an atm.....), has a nice hive mind feel that people often have similar ideas (real parks probably influence us a lot too)


I'm hoping to up my design game for three festive scenarios I'm working on.

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