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On ‎24‎-‎10‎-‎2017 at 17:27, Broxzier said:

The tracks are exactly the same length, so the coaster can keep running forever.

I'm currently working on a coaster where this doesn't hold. Tracks consist of exactly the same track pieces, but still the coaster will make it around the track only once. Planning to submit this one ASAP so I can submit a second one.

edit: seems to be non-deterministic. Sometimes it does return to the station, sometimes not.

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The contest is now closed for submissions.

@Broxzier I've checked your submission, and it did crash after some time. Since it uses a rectangle of 600 squares and the maximum is 165, I can't accept it as submission.

So there are two valid submissions:

Giraty: Chaotic Confusion

jensj12: Space! Into Space! Into

Also check out the other coasters posted in this thread, they're cool, but not submitted or not valid for submission.

Now it's time to vote. Pick the one you like most, and drop a +1 on a copy of this list.

Chaotic confusion: 0

Space! Into Space! Into: 0

The will be one round on bonus votes after 4 people have voted, which will give one bonus point for chaotic confusion. Voting closes within 3 weeks, so make sure to submit your votes by then.

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