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Why do guests walk on one side of the path

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I most cases, I use paths which are somewhere between 2 and 4 tiles wide. The problem with this is that guests still only use one side of the path 99% of the time. Then they start complaining that it's  too crowded.

Why do they do this and how can I solve this? (or should the code be changed?)

Here you can clearly see what I mean.




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18 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

To improve pathfinding, the game sets 'wide path flags' on wide paths. Paths with this flag are ignored. Removing this flag will cause pathfinding issues. Improvements are planned, but it takes time.

So until the pathfinding is changed we just have to deal with it? 

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1 hour ago, Myxtro said:

So until the pathfinding is changed we just have to deal with it? 

Yes. If you want more information, search on github. Since pathfinding is limited by the save format, pathfinding improvements will have to wait until there is a new save format.

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I've started working on replacing the parts of the path finding relevant to this discussion and what I've got planned will not require any changes to the save format. There are, of course, other ways to do it that would require a new format.

IF I get it working, peep path finding will get better sooner rather than later.

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Technically pathfinding doesn't require a saved format. The node graphs could be generated at any time from the available data, and so wide paths can be detected as well. Storing this data (e.g. the wide path flag) simply skips the generation of it.

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