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Totally New to the project, Totally excited

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Hello fellow tycoons!

I used to play RCT1 as a kid without any of the expansions and it quickly became my favorite computer game next to Some Mahjong game my grandmother had and good old Space Cadet pinball. I believe I only completed maybe 7 scenarios before that computer died and the disc went missing.

Fast forward to about two months ago, I repurchased RCT1 Deluxe and instantly fell back in love. If I'm in the mood, I'll either start a new scenario or watch someone on Youtube playing through one, which led me here.

Damn. I have to say that this seems like an insanely awesome idea. I'm now downloading everything and setting it up but I can tell I am going to have a hell of a time and sink a good portion of my life into this program. So I would like to get this out ahead of time, Thank you and good work to everyone involved. Your passion for this game is amazing and Thank you for developing and sharing. I hope to be seeing y'all later in the game :)    

P.S. if anyone has any beginners tips like which servers to join, chat tools, etiquette for online, etc; that would be better known ahead of time, they would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.S. to whomever decided that Linux needed some love and added native support, you are a God in my opinion.

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Just fiddle around with some cheats in single player. That way you'll get to learn how the cheats work and you'll avoid all the multiplayer griefers :D Watching some youtube video's with cheats will help to get you started. There's also an old thread on this forum showing some cheats.

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17 hours ago, BurninTurtles said:

P.S.S. to whomever decided that Linux needed some love and added native support, you are a God in my opinion.

That'd be (mostly) me. You can witness the historical moment of second ever launch of native Linux version, which at the time was less than half disassembled and used parts of code from original Windows' PE32 binary here: 

i was still giddy with excitement that the crazy idea I had actually worked. There are also episodes of podcast that the team did, I'm in one of them, if you want to know how it came to be: OpenRCT2 Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0YvVAW9aoL0jq8XIDee0gS99iLYje3lT

OpenRCT2 took me places.

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I'll definitely watch that once I decide how I want this installed and get it running tonight. I'm juggling between compiling here and there to stay current and downloading the tarball. I can only imagine your excitement when it worked lol. Currently I can only write bash but I'm working on C++. My current coding project is to get the rb4 drumset (pdp tablah drumset?) working with FoFiX. I feel that I am in over my head with this, as it only pops up as a hidraw device, but this is truly inspiring for me. For what its worth, thank you for your work and being crazy enough to try it. These amazing machines can do so much more than what the general consumer expects, and you sir are an example of this. I will try my best to help this project from the linux perspective as I can tell that this is a community that I share interests with. @janisozaur

EDIT: actually, I am having trouble compiling as I am getting lost in the "other required files" section, namely the first two bullet points, which I believe may be the cause of the error I get when launching the binary. This error is related to languages.

Edit again: It seems that through brute force and minimal effort, I am only able to run the version In the PPA which means I am subject to that bug on github related to launchpad and building. That being said, I now have the game running and will be responsible with my bug reports as I understand that I am two versions behind.

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Addition again
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