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Mount Olympus


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Mount Oympus:

I started with a height map I produced. The height map I used is 50x50 pixels which produced a map 50x50 tiles. Although pixels squared does not typically translate to tiles squared. But 50x50 does.


Then some clouds and water were added to complete a scenario.

Followed with Olympus Aire Shuttle.. At this point if anyone wants the Scenario as is, be my guest. It will be the only file I upload on this one.


 As always, comments are most welcome :D 

Mount Olympus Master.sv6


I goofed.. MO9.sc6 is the map from the height map







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1 hour ago, cascadia said:

Great work!  What is the difference between the various files for Mount Olympus? 

Thank you...

:D i cant remember to be honest... but I do know each file is progressive as far as scenery and added terraforming in the progress. 

Edit: I goofed...the MO9. file above is strait off the height map. Those other files were sad attempts to build the mountain prior using a height map.

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44 minutes ago, SpiffyJack said:

This is literally the smallest map I've ever decided to build. Originally it was just to showcase how using Height Map aids in map building. @BlazingEmpireHD the space map isn't using any packs.. oh wait, i'm confused, the mountains i used as clouds?


.... Louis blocks.. and others .. I need to get back to the roots maybe... I'll hear about it on NEDs too

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14 hours ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

I believe those castle blocks are from the expansions, which I do not have, @SpiffyJack. Oh well, still, great work!

That is correct. I believe i'm going to use the RCT castle objects for the cliff build, they will work much better


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