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Hof van Holland (Dutch) (iOS)


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From 2004 to 2008 I was a serious park designer on the pc on a very active Dutch forum, called RCT Holland, with UCES expansionset and stuff like that. I was thrilled that RCT 1 & 2 were released on IOS, so I started to build again, based on a park that I started up more than ten  years ago. 

The themepark is influenced by Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen, (formerly known as Walibi Flevo and Six Flags Holland) and De Efteling, in Kaatsheuvel.

The entrance is French themed, with rides like rollercoaster Arc (from saint Jeanne d'Arc) and Grand Prix go karts. Mainly themed as the entrance area of Walibi.

On the right of the parc is a pirate-themed area with twister "Kraken', a swinging ship, a maze, a Japanese-pirate themed boomerang coaster and a wooden coaster. Feels a bit Disney.

In the middle section there is an adventureland for kids, with a lighthouse slide, beetle run, carroussel and a helicopter-monorail (as seen in De Efteling).

On the left bottom side there is a space-themed area with a vertical drop-coaster, space rings, dodgems and a launch tower.

On the upper left side there is a mexican-themed area with a river rapids, a suspended coaster, g-force (Tornado) and twister (Salsa Hats).

In the top-middle section there is a Arabian / Persian themed area with a flying carpet, looping coaster, a panorama tower, a suspended kids-coaster and an indoor simulator. 

The last area is a Frontier and Western themed area, with a mine-coaster, haunted house, log flume and a top spin.

There is a steamtrain around the park to make it easy for the guests. As you can see.. the guests like it. :)












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1 hour ago, Baskets said:

I was thrilled that RCT 1 & 2 were released on IOS


Are you using OpenRCT2 on a Mac, or RCT Classic on an iPad or iPhone?  Because IIRC iOS usually refers to an iPad or iPhone, and OpenRCT2 isn't on mobile devices yet. 

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