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OpenRCT2 to RCTC

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Has anyone tried playing a OpenRCT2 savegame or scenario in RCT Classic for Android devices? I'm thinking about getting RCTC, but I was wondering can it open OpenRCT2 files, because I have a Sandbox Park savegame and it was a ton of fun to play but I didn't have enough time to complete it, so I might continue it on Android... I think I saw a thread saying that it was supported before, but has anyone tried it? :D

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If your park is compatible with vanilla RCT2, it should be compatible with RCTC.

I don't know how launch pieces are handled - they will not work in vanilla RCT2, but RCTC has them and I think OpenRCT2 implements them the same way, so they might work (I can't confirm this though).

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I know that most of my own scenarios work on RCTC. Shameless self sponsoring but it goes like this, IMG_1243.thumb.PNG.b0507828aef9947136c8b500bff589f3.PNGAfter you click the download, this should pop upIMG_1244.thumb.PNG.961412fc39137b91ac3b3e0083db20f3.PNGAfter that, you should be all set for downloading a scenario, a track, and other things, and it should show this,IMG_1245.thumb.PNG.a47c7ec3b1ff108fc3e1b7121dba902a.PNGThat should help those who want a bunch of new scenarios, tracks, or whatever else in RCTC. If you want to email it to yourself, you can, by all means.

You must have the scenario editor expansion pack to download scenarios.


For those who do not know, RCTC is an excellent port on to phones and tablets. If you have a bit of spare change, by all means, get the game. It is one of the best ports I have ever seen and like RCT2, it is just as addicting.

Good luck, haha.



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