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  1. I can't believe this... I managed to run it and god, it is beautiful. The FPS is great having in mind that my phone is not so good, and it is fully playable, at least for me. Lots of hours ready to be spent on this thing. The fact I can put some mods, download scenarios and fully use it as a PC version is just too good, which means I can continue my scenario everywhere! Awesome... Just awesome...
  2. Hi, I found this thing on GitHub. Is OpenRCT2 really playable on Android devices? For UI, I already know it's a mess (which I don't really care about), but what about stability and perfomance? It would be nice to continue my park on a Android device because I don't like RCT Classic much and my savegame isn't compatible with it. Any help would be nice
  3. Also, it seems I stopped playing at 0.0.5 version.
  4. I'm a little bored so I thought about coming back to OpenRCT2. Can someone tell me how much is it different than original RCT2? Are there some great new features? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just downloaded RCTC and tried, wow! It works! Only thing I don't like is that I have to send email to myself. But other than that, I confirm that savegame from OpenRCT 2 works in RCTC.
  6. Has anyone tried playing a OpenRCT2 savegame or scenario in RCT Classic for Android devices? I'm thinking about getting RCTC, but I was wondering can it open OpenRCT2 files, because I have a Sandbox Park savegame and it was a ton of fun to play but I didn't have enough time to complete it, so I might continue it on Android... I think I saw a thread saying that it was supported before, but has anyone tried it?
  7. Hi, I'm new here and I noticed that in OpenRCT 2 there's not sandbox, so here is mine... It has Unlimited Money and flat land so you can do whatever you want. Download: Sandbox.SC6 How to install: 1. Download Sandbox.SC6 2. Copy it Sandbox.SC6 3. Go to your OpenRCT 2 folder. 4. Go into Scenarios. 5. Paste it here. 6. Now when you choose scenario in-game, go to Other Parks and Sandbox should be there.
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