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Salutations friends!


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Sooo.... I guess i should introduce myself. Hello everyone. My name is TGL7 (this is a backup account). (I have no idea why but I am innable to post anything on my account so I made a backup.) I, myself have been a Rct fan for years and love this game. I have played Rct1 and 2 since 2009 and have created tons of parks (all of them never being finished lol). I would love to join anyone in multiplayer and hopefully host my own server ( without trolls or griefers coming in). I gotta admit that Open RCT truely improves the game and gives it new life and allows you do things that you may have personally thought you could never have achieved. But that said, Im a truthful, Honest, Kind, and simple man who just wants to play some dank video games :3.  Thanks for reading :)


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