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Building Tracked Rides

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I'm sure anyone who has built a lot of parks know the following but it took me a while to figure out and might be useful for newbies.

One issue when building coasters or any track is that it consumes a lot of game time. That means you have less time to other things that may be necessary to reach the park goal. And when the scenario has an ongoing park rating requirement a failure to watch sudden decreases in guest happiness, due to concentrating on a build, can be fatal.

The trick is to save the game before building the track. Then build the track with no concern for the rest of the park, save the track and then reload the saved game. Now you can simply install the "prebuilt" saved track.

When doing this you need to be sure that you know where you built the ride so you can place it in the same location. You also need to keep track of any land movement you made and redo that before placing the track. I also recommend you be sure that you can build a good queue line and exit path before saving the track. I have found that it's a good idea to save the park as well as the track after building the ride. Then you can refer back to that saved park for ride and track placement if you have any difficulty.

There is one limitation. You can't built tracks which go underground in this manner. However you can build bypass track and then replace that with the underground section in game time.



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While building coasters does cost some time, by the time I have enough money to build big coasters the park rating drops barely in the time it takes. Just make sure guests are happy and the park is well-organised, then it should keep running properly without interupting your coaster building (and if it does need adjustments, you'll get a message).

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