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When will the drama and trolling issue be stopped?

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Hey everyone. My friend who I gifted him OpenRCT2 requested me to host a public server for him and yesterday, there wasn't any trollings in my server yesterday and there was just a troll in my server now. I was also using a different name also just not to get attracted by trolls. An admin from MoT (60trainhunter) just thought that Satoshi was harassing in Man of Teal again and said that I started the trolling issue. I just told my friend that I can't host anymore because of these issues.  I can't take these issues anymore so I'm now going to stay away from multiplayer and get the hell away from the trolls and drama shit. I will tell you guys more story of what happened last Sunday when I was hosting in my server in awhile.

I demand that this game should have a login or a banning feature by now because of these issues and I can't take this issue anymore. Right now I'm disappointed of at what happened in OpenRCT2 multiplayer recently because of Satosh.

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More details.
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3 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

Posting these issues here won't get it solved any faster. This is a community, not a company. If you can't take it, stop playing until there is a login system (or make it yourself).

I never thought of waiting until the login systems come and this is a great idea to do so. I will wait until the login systems come.

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