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Are We Really Going This Far with Skylander Katfish?

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Hey there, Reak here, and you're probably thinking "Hey, why are you trusting the troll who is ruining the servers? I will get your IP banned by the devs without any given proof," and if you're thinking that, it's time for a little lesson. You see, I first saw Sky on a server a while back, and boy has he changed since.  Once a newbie with a bit of an attitude,  later a fun and interactive player, but that was until an unknown troll came into the game. Nobody knew who the troll was, and he/she wanted to keep it that way, all we know is that the troll has targets, with two names he/she goes by in particular, nicman and Skylander Katfish. You might know that nicman is a name that is better off left forgotten to be serious in OpenRCT2, but Sky himself is really upset over what has been happening and wants everything to go back to the way things were, and yes, like I said in the quote above, he was actually IP banned from the game. He said that he went on Whiskey Station and the admin went furious just by the sight of his name. So furious that he called a dev over to take care of Sky, and then he didn't just get IP banned, but the dev threatened that he would call the Police if he was sighted again, and what for? Some impersonator out of nowhere ruining his fun in OpenRCT2 and maybe even ruining his life. He is very scared and he is looking up to me as I am one of the only people he trusts. Here is what he has to say:


Also, if you're thinking all of this is suspicious by the use of spelling and grammar, just remember that he is at the age of 14 and he wouldn't really have time for massive trolling right now. Another thing, you can get more proof of innocence from his RCTgo profile as he told me that he is currently making content for the website, and rest assure, this is not about drama, but about helping out a guy from further anxiety. Go ahead and lock this thread if you want, because I have given enough info about the controversy for now.

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6 hours ago, ReakMayhem said:

So furious that he called a dev over to take care of Sky, and then he didn't just get IP banned, but the dev threatened that he would call the Police if he was sighted again

I don't believe this. None of the devs is involved with the online multiplayer community, and we're not there to solve your conflicts. IP bans are not a thing, so Skylander must have made that up.

But more importantly, these forums are not for rants about multiplayer.

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A dev can't ban anyone from going online. The server hoster can use a whitelist, blacklist or a password protected server.

A quote from the gitter chat: "There will be a central authentication server to prevent impersonation. Server owners will be able to decide whether they want to use it for their server or not. (I.e. the old system will remain available for server owners to use if they wish.)"
In other words, in the future this will be able to be fought against, but at the moment noone except for the server hoster can ban, kick or do anything against trollers and/or impersonators...

I'm not saying you can't post this topic here. I'm just saying that you won't get any result from it since we can't do much about this. I'm going to allow the topic for now, but I'm going to keep a close eye on it. If it gets all drama-y again like some topics in the past, I'll close/delete it without a warning... (consider this your warning)

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I contacted Krutonium on discord and he confirmed my assumptions that the Krutonium who approached Sky was a fake. I could have told you this even without asking him. I know Krutonium would never approach players in the community, guilty or not, and threaten to "call the police" on him. First of all, how does this make an ounce of sense? The police would have no idea who Skylander is in real life, and even if they did, there's nothing illegal about online trolling. Second of all, the general opinion of the devs is against IP banning, so why would they implement an IP ban system on the master server? The thing that irritates me about most of this is that everyone's so quick to assume that Sky is the impersonator, yet no one seems to want to consider the possibility that he's the victim of impersonation.

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Can we not? Can we just not bicker about him any further? It's annoying as hell, and I am damn sure it is not making very much fun. Whether or not Skylander_Katfish is being impersonated or not, someone has bloody ruined fun on quite a few servers. Plus, with all the nicman controversy, the last thing we need is more damn trollers. There's really only one server I ever join anymore because of various reasons. (griefing being a big factor). Seemingly, the 'trollers' are gone for the time being. I feel we just need to stop. 


However: One thing I can agree with what @ReakMayhem is that over on RCTgo (I'm there too), Skylander_Katfish has made some very very nice builds. A more mature side of things if I ever seen it. Why not check out his things and see what you think.



With that being said, I am literally tired of all the controversy. There is simply no need for it. Right?



Why cause more drama when we've already had enough of it?

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