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  1. Not sure if I should feel questioned about the guy, or see that you are all creating a bandwagon. Anyways, I'll be back on the forums once Harambe becomes world leader.
  2. Hey there, Reak here, and you're probably thinking "Hey, why are you trusting the troll who is ruining the servers? I will get your IP banned by the devs without any given proof," and if you're thinking that, it's time for a little lesson. You see, I first saw Sky on a server a while back, and boy has he changed since. Once a newbie with a bit of an attitude, later a fun and interactive player, but that was until an unknown troll came into the game. Nobody knew who the troll was, and he/she wanted to keep it that way, all we know is that the troll has targets, with two names he/she goes by in particular, nicman and Skylander Katfish. You might know that nicman is a name that is better off left forgotten to be serious in OpenRCT2, but Sky himself is really upset over what has been happening and wants everything to go back to the way things were, and yes, like I said in the quote above, he was actually IP banned from the game. He said that he went on Whiskey Station and the admin went furious just by the sight of his name. So furious that he called a dev over to take care of Sky, and then he didn't just get IP banned, but the dev threatened that he would call the Police if he was sighted again, and what for? Some impersonator out of nowhere ruining his fun in OpenRCT2 and maybe even ruining his life. He is very scared and he is looking up to me as I am one of the only people he trusts. Here is what he has to say: Also, if you're thinking all of this is suspicious by the use of spelling and grammar, just remember that he is at the age of 14 and he wouldn't really have time for massive trolling right now. Another thing, you can get more proof of innocence from his RCTgo profile as he told me that he is currently making content for the website, and rest assure, this is not about drama, but about helping out a guy from further anxiety. Go ahead and lock this thread if you want, because I have given enough info about the controversy for now.
  3. That makes some sense to an extent, but from now on, everyone is agreeing that the "nicman" name is now banished from usage unless you want to get blocked from servers.
  4. Just to clarify with everyone who goes on Multiplayer often, this isn't the real Skylander Katfish. He clarified with me that this is an account that is probably set to screw with his OpenRCT2 reputation some more. Sky is really angry and upset the past few days due to the user "nicman" using him and many others' names to his advantage. EDIT: Even nicman clarifies. He says he really wants you guys' attention. http://imgur.com/YvLByzS
  5. Pleasure to be apart of this. Glad to put in the orange woodie and the East-West Chairlift.
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