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Advanced Foothpathtool and quickselect


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Hee guys, I made some tools with paint and I want some opinions before I submit this feature at github.

ORCT Landscapetool quickselect.jpg

I made an advanced foothpath tool with additional options.

1. Being able to select the supports for the paths as well.

2. Increase the size of a foothpath when manually placing paths.

3. Being able to select lampposts, litterbins or benches (multiple choices). These will be placed together in one time.

4. Select fenches. These will also be placed together in one time (including lampposts, litterbins or benches)

5. Selecting an additional custom picked object. (like waterfountains or banner)

6. Paths can now be placed using W,A,S,D (or arrow keys) and maybe + and - for up and down.

7. It should also be possible to raise a foothpath while holding SHIFT. This is not possible right now.

This is a bit weird because pretty much every object can be raised this way.

Also I made a quickselect menu.

I hope some of you have played ANNO before. In this game there is a very usefull feature whereby you click on the right mouse button when nothing is selected and a quickselect menu pops up right next to your mouse cursor. The right mouse button is currently empty in ORCT when there's nothing selected.

This menu can be completely customized. In the example i made you see the scenery, foothpath and the new attractions button. But these can be changed if desired. While typing this I thought it would probaly be better if these would be replaced by specific objects like a bench or a litterbin instead of a link to a window thats already at the top of the screen. These menu would also be perfect for the future eyedrop feature.

If you played an ANNO game before you know how usefull this can be. The same would go for ORCT.

Greetzz, Hytacker


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... I support this idea

HOWEVER, at this time some features of this would not be possible, namely the path supports selection (Which is a planned return from RCT1). It would not be possible under this current save system.


I'm going to guess the bench, trash, lamp, and fence selections work in a similar fashion too the land tools where you can toggle whether or not the option is in-use by clicking it, and being inuse will light up a rectangle/square behind it. I'm also guessing these are drop-down menus that when held show the list of objects corresponding to said catagory.

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Also, as for the path supports idea; I'm thinking it would show several basic versions of the supports, specifically Wooden (Grey Tarmac) Green Generic (Green Tarmac) Generic (Crazy Pathing), Brown Generic (Brown Tarmac), Metalic (Space Pathing), and if the currently selected pathway is Dirt or Ash, their variants of Sparce Wooden (Black/Brown) (selecting a different type would set the selection too Wooden)

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Wait, how did you implement changing support type? I thought the current save format didn't allow support type to be set independently of path type. Are you just hardcoding the names of different DAT files, and if so, how does it generalize to custom objects? Or does it automatically generate a new custom object every time the support type is changed?

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The right mouse button is not empty in ORCT2, it's used for dragging the map around. While the quickselect menu can be a good thing, there are hotkeys to open certain windows as well.

Placing bins/benches/lamps on the path automatically can be a bit tricky as they are usually a bit spaced out (and it's rather easy to do afterwards), but fences along the path could be very helpful in some cases.

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