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I do not know how possible it would be, if at all. Or whether it's actually been done (Feel free to refer me to a link if it has) but a custom stall, no unlike the ones in RCT3 would be a great addition I feel. As much as I like the sprite work for the stalls currently in the game, sometimes just a counter would be nice - much like those in RCT3 where you can choose what the stall sells. Even if it was a much simpler design like the tent-versions of the Lemonade and Candy apple stalls.

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It's more than possible to add custom content like new stalls to the game.The idea is that this is to place a blank stall which can be configured to sell products individually rather than it's stock be pre-determined.I'm not sure if you can do that in RCT2 but, in 3 it's a lot of fun.

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