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Never seen that before! I wonder how it's calculated if it's not by "lost" guests. Maybe amount of path vs how much path is actually used?
Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. Or maybe it has to do with the total length of the paths against how many people have park maps.
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/** At least 10 peeps and more than 1/64 of total guests are lost or can't find something. */static int award_is_deserved_most_confusing_layout(int awardType, int activeAwardTypes){ unsigned int peepsCounted, peepsLost; uint16 spriteIndex; rct_peep *peep; peepsCounted = 0; peepsLost = 0; FOR_ALL_GUESTS(spriteIndex, peep) { if (peep->var_2A != 0) continue; peepsCounted++; if (peep->thoughts[0].var_2 <= 5 && (peep->thoughts[0].type == PEEP_THOUGHT_TYPE_LOST || peep->thoughts[0].type == PEEP_THOUGHT_TYPE_CANT_FIND)) peepsLost++; } return (peepsLost >= 10 && peepsLost >= peepsCounted / 64);}The first line of the code explains it in plain English, for those who aren't programmers :p
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Yeah I just looked for all references and I think it is :P It's being checked against 0 quite often, and at these places it makes sense to check if a peep is outside the park. It's only being set to 1 when a peep is generated (peep_generate) and when it leaves the park (peep_update_leaving_park).Sorry for going offtopic here :P I really need to start developing for ORCT too.

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