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The Centrifuge Brain Project

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Here's a freaky, bizarre, and awesome mockumentary I found a while ago (basically mockumentary means it's a parody or dockumentaries; it's not real):

This short film shows a scientist using thrill rides to investigate the effects of centrifugal forces on the human mind. While the storyline itself is a bit blurred, the imaginary thrill rides seem both freakishly unrealistic and eerily lifelike. While these rides aren't going to be built anytime soon, the clever use of CGI gives them a highly realistic feel which can really mess with your mind.

I'd like to see what you guys think about these rides. Which one seems most bizzare to you? Which seem more or less likely to be built? My personal favorite would be the "steam-powered catapault," because of its absurdity and the sense of fear that it creates.

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  1. Defies the laws of physics
  2. Maybe you could build it? Loading might be a problem
  3. Is just going to fall over. You probably wouldn't get as far as actually finishing building it. Needs a lot more support work.
  4. This is basically a flying elephant ride on steroids. Looks kind of fun.
  5. I guess you could build it ... but why? It just looks hideously complicated and it's not clear what it's supposed to accomplish. Also, you're going to have guests suspended upside down while you load each car, and if those arms fail to retract in time the result would be catastrophic.
  6. The car surrounds the entire track... so no place for support work. There don't appear to be any supports either, it would just fall down. But I love the idea of an intense vertical launch into a coaster layout - that needs to be a thing.
  7. That looks awesome, I want to ride it. Even though I'm not sure how you'd make it work. Would probably be more practical as a double pendulum rather than triple, with only the main joint powered. Incidentally, I had a similar idea for a double pendulum based swing ride a while ago. The double pendulum exhibits chaotic dynamics, so there's the potential for some quite interesting ride cycles. Drive the motors to swing the arm over the top at high speed, then let the chaos commence:


You could periodically re engage the motors to stop the main arm at the bottom of it's travel and have the secondary arm swing over the top at high speed. With active feedback you could balance the two arms at the top of the ride, apparently defying gravity, then let them fall again. It would pull like 5Gs, but it should be within the safe range... just. Of all the rides in the video, I think this has the most potential.

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