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maximum rides 256

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59 minutes ago, YoloSweggLord said:

The limits are hardcoded into the .sv6 save format. We will be unable to remove them until we switch to a new save file format.

I heard object limits and ride limits (in the scenario creator) are also limited by this.

Although I bet the UI would not support someone picking every single theme group (which I would like to do, more variety for mah parks)  so the devs would have to expand that too. Can hardly wait for .sv7 =P

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I don't know that you can actually save a game in FreeRCT yet; I had a brief browse through the source and couldn't see anything that looked serialization related. Development on that project is very slow; it never really attracted much attention, even before OpenRCT2.

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it dosnt really matter, what the suffix is called.

Just dont encode it. If it is possible, to add a custom save-file, make it readable (like XML or Json) or at least give us a hint how it is compressed, in case it has to be used in hex.

... most companies are like: Hey you got a problem with your save-file. Now have fun guessing what compression we have used. :D

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