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This is what I have been missing!

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Every 2-3 years I get back into RCT2 for a short bit, can't believe I never heard of open RCT2!  Found it by accident, wow what an amazing tool!  

I was just looking for a fun "cheat" "trainer" type thing, then I installed this, and saw the multiplayer button, WHAT?!  

Been playing since RCT first came out, got the expansions, then jumped on rct2 right when it came out, that was many years ago.  Never got into rct3, just couldn't feel it, so always played rct2.   
Thanks openrct2 for the time you are going to take from me

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Welcome to the site, @Towlieee! You seem to play RCT2 and OpenRCt2 often.


*time for some flashbacks and narration* 'yayyy'

I don't know. I was and still am one of those people who doesn't try out new things unless I hear good things from several sites/people I know. 


It took me a long time to finally give in to start playing OpenRCT2. Literally, THE moment I opened the game and saw Multiplayer, I was instantly enthused. Played a good 4-5-7 hours daily. I STILL play over a good amount of time after about 3 months. 


It also helped me spread OpenRCT2 to a couple of my RCT2 fan friends. I'm still trying to expand the knowledge of this site and 'app(?)' to everyone I can. 


I have been a long time RCT2 player, for over 7 years. Last September, I joined RCTgo and started uploading my works (some of which you all have downloaded, or seen). I was only using RCT2 to build and create and then upload to RCTgo.  After I found out and finally tried OpenRCT2, that trend immediately went out the window. 


I now ONLY  use OpenRCT2 for uploading and regular playing. On top of this, I have been involved with the OpenRCT2 forums as well. 


I am so happy that this app came out. RCT2 was great, and still is great, but OpenRCT2 has made it about 300% better. MANY thank you's and handshakes for all that contributed! THANK YOU

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