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Building a small park with 2-3 people

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to OpenRCT2, I'm still learning how it works and what can be done with it.

But as soon is I saw the Online option of it, I was hyped as f :D 

I would really be interested in building a park with a few people, maybe 75x75 or even 50x50 to start with.

I'm really into scenery stuff, that's why I want to start with a small one, to see how it works and how we can manage to build something nice together.

I do struggle with opening ports though, so any help would be appreciated. Plus I'm from Switzerland, so we would have to see at what hours we can work together.


Here's a few screenshots of the things I created. I sadly loose all the parks I finished though.

Parc sans nom 2016-08-04 16-36-34.png

SAKU RIDES 2016-08-03 20-20-13.png

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In all seriousness, what you build looks very nice. I wouldn't be able to help you though besides telling you that a 50x50 map is very small, especially for multiple players. Hope to see more stuff. :) 

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Well, I'm not new to RCT2, just new to OpenRCT2.

Yeah, I know 50x50 is small, but I don't want 10 people building it, at least not yet, and I do want it to be good looking. the two screenshots you saw took me about 5 hours to realize, I want a small park to begin with so we can finish it fast enough to then see how it went and progress from this point, making bigger parks.

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If at any time you need a coaster in a very small area of the park, send the park file to me (with instructions) and I'll build something for you (if I can find the time to do it). I'm not the best with scenery, but I can copy things from other area's and make it match nicely with the coaster.

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