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  1. Oh woaw, thanks ! That actually really helps. I wondered if my zoning was too big. My peeps seems to be unhappy with my cleaners and they break my benches, so I guess I am zoning too wide. Thanks a lot, I'll try to fix it
  2. I'm pretty sure it wasn't raining when I saved. I solved it by deleting and replacing the queue line twice. Anyway, I still have that bug that occurs randomly on mechanics 4 and 5 where they get stuck. It really seems to appear randomly, and to solve it I have to pick up the mechanic and drop it somewhere else.
  3. Yes, I am using custom objects. I did what you said, please tell me if it worked Double Balls.sv6
  4. Now, I posted not long ago a bug about mechanics getting stuck in a path, walking in circles. Now my peeps won't enter my new ride ! 6 of them managed to get in, and then everyone went like "woaw can't find this ride's entrance" while they were right next to it. Now it seems like they just gave up. The ride is "Golden Balls", with the yellow tracks, in a corner of the map. (If someone actually downloaded my save to see what it looked like, you can see I put a lot of time and effort into the game. This ride took me maybe 2-3 hours to create. So it's especially frustrati
  5. Hey there, I have 2 Mechanics (Number 4 and 5 in my game) that are stuck in a pathway trying to go repair some rides. Double Balls.sv6
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to share my finished realistic park. Around 30 hours in it. I'll be glad to hear what you think about it
  7. In case someone else is stuck with this issue, I solved it. Ctrl Alt C open some cheat windows, you can alter the weather there.
  8. My bad, first time reporting a bug. Here you go. WonderPark.sv6
  9. Hi everyone. I'm having a really weird bug. It's been raining for a couple years now, it just wont stop. People don't want to ride my super awesome coasters when it rains, so I'm sad. Umbrellas running short. please send help. (It's a serious bug)
  10. Well, do you know how to host a server ? The project kinda died because both of us can't x) But I'm still up for it
  11. Lostlook

    My New Park

    Looks good ! The only thing bothering me is the line of threes on the side, it doesn't look very realistic
  12. Hi guys, I'm having a new bug. Everytime I try to hit the "Scenario Editor" option on the menu, my game crashes. It never happenned to me before, and I created a scenario a few days ago. Could some custom scenery cause this ? I believe they're the only things that changed my game recently.
  13. Woaw, thanks, it actually helped a lot
  14. HI everyone. I tried to look for some good looking custom scenery those past few days, but I couldn't find any. All the websites that I got links to where either down or without any valuable content at all. So where can I find something nice ? I'm mostly looking for walls, roofs, fences, windows, small architecture parts to add details, maybe a few trees and bushes... Those kind of things.
  15. Yeah your coasters do look good. Do you have skype or something ? It would be nice to talk a little bit about what kind of park we want to create, what theme and scenery
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