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OpenRCT, just... Wow!

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I haven't played this game 'seriously' since I was 16. I'm 27 now. I just felt something was missing (probably my CRT monitor)

OpenRCT is exactly what was missing. I can't believe it was here the WHOLE TIMEish (Can you believe I have fantasized about winning lottery and funding a project like OpenRCT?)

I've been looking over the content you've been posting as a community. I'm trying to find a new edge. Its been 11 years since I've created a roller coaster in this game. I used to be good with attention to detail, but given my age and experiences in life, I think my potential is far greater.  

But...you guys though! Wow, some very creative ideas and many things I never even thought to do. I am impressed and happy to join this community. Thanks everyone :)

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You are NEVER to old to play RCT and OpenRCT2 makes it even better. Welcome aboard! You will find lots of interesting things and don't be afraid to ask a question - someone almost always has an answer but check first someone may have already asked that question.

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I am a picky person when it came to trying out trainers, or mods for RCT2. I had been putting off getting OpenRCt2 for awhile.

after hearing more and more and more good things about it, I tried it and instantly was astonished at how terrible it was (jk).

I never ever use RCT2 anymore. All I do is OpenRCt2, some of the features in this game has greatly improved the name of RCt2. There are features I'd like to see inputed into OpenRCt2, and then there's features in OpenRCT2 that I've never thought about.


I do hope this goes even more viral than it is, these boys and girls on the site have definitely earned the recognition they've gotten, and deserve much more! 


This all the more makes me wish I was a big YouTuber and could start playing OpenRCT2, and give the game a much higher rep.

Too bad I am not a YouTuber. :P


Thanks so much for the wonderful app, the dev team!


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