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I have a question

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Hey guys, it's been awhile, but I have been trying to figure out how to merge two tracks together to make a coaster (that can't have inversions) have inversions. 


Aka, a giga coaster with a loop. I've seen people on OpenRCt2 merge coasters, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

i was told to turn on "clearance checks" to do this, but I tried, and nothing. Can any of ya help? Thanks!

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using clearance checks, build the coaster up until the loop piece. Then build a second coaster so that the coasters line up. The coasters have to be facing the same direction. Using clearance checks, make the 2 coasters overlap one track piece. Then using the tile inspector, make sure that the "exit" track comes before the "entry" track.

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As a general rule, if there are two tracks of different coasters on the same spot, the train follows the track that is built first. So first build the track you want the train to follow after it has passed the merge, then build the track the train comes from. Otherwise it will crash.

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Change the ride mode to something that doesn't require a complete loop (like powered launch) or make the base track a complete loop and hide the unused track pieces with the tile inspector (add a corrupted element directly below the track piece).

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You can use the tile inspector to change which track the vehicle will pick. The one that comes first (on the bottom) will be used. You can open the ride while it's a continued circuit, then change the order, and it will follow the non-continued circuit.

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