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[SOLVED] Problem with "set" in console

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I have an old scenario I built several years ago that I have returned to making changes using the sandbox in OpenRCT2. One problem when I used to build on RCT2 I would use 8Cars to instill lots of money to build off of (rather than changing to no money). Now that I have sort of finished I opened the console and typed "set money 10000" and presto the cash changed to $10,000,00. Good right, no I saved the game and converted it to a scenario, opened the scenario and what did my wondering eyes see cash =$4,498,120,00. That was the original dollar amount before I started. Did I forget to do something?

Also I noticed ever time I make a change using the cheat menu (let's say change a path), the entire rides selection are sent to the top of the inventions list. Is it supposed to do this?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but that is how I was taught to learn. (I am retired with a degree in accounting and was a CPA so I am not an idiot, I just want to learn)


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On 25/05/2016 at 17:55, imlegos said:

I'd guess that the inventions list is changed like that due to the possibility of the game crashing when the object list is altered.

There used to be a bug that this was designed to hide. That bug though no longer exists so the behaviour could be changed now to prevent this (I know this as I removed this "feature" in a branch when solving a different bug). I personally quite like it as I use it as a quick way of researching every ride.

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There already are buttons on the cheat menu to move all rides to the top or bottom. I just don't want to have to re-do my rides every time I add some scenery.

I posted the money problem on github and someone told me not to do it that way but to use the scenario options window. That's great if your amount is round numbers. If your original amount was $4,498,120,00 as I said, that screen only changes the amount by + or - $500.00. Do you know how long you have to hold your finger down to even get near $10,000.00!

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@CharlieP ha that was me as well. We will look into adding a console command to do the money at some point. Could you change your github issue to a request for a console command and I'll add it to 0.0.5. Its a small feature that would be easily added. 

As for the research issue the only thing to really decide is what is the default state when adding a ride does it go into the unresearched column of the researched column.

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Do you want me to change the issue name on github?


I am not sure everyone is understanding my ride question so I will try to explain.

1. You use the cheat menu (Inventions List) to set up your ride schedule. Some rides you place in the top (researched) portion and others you put in the bottom (unresearched) portion.

2. You either exit the cheat OR you realize you forgot to add a ride so you select the Object Selection button. The minute you press that (Object Selection) button, even if you don't do anything but look and close the menu if you then open the Inventions List cheat ALL the rides are in the upper (Researched) portion.

You can open Console, Tile inspector or the Scenario options and it won't change the inventions listings, this bug just occurs when you press Object Selection.

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@CharlieP I've made a PR (https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3762) that will modify the object selection issue. I'm pretty sure I understand what you want. Possibly I didn't articulate my reply great.

Yes can you just change the github issue and add a another reply then I'll remember to switch it to a feature request. In fact I might go add it right now. .:Edit:. its done https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3763

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#3763 is merged and doesn't fix the cash problem you had. It instead added a new command that does allow what you wanted to do. Follow the link duncanspumpkin posted and view the code change, that should provide enough information for you to know what command to use.

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