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Mechanic can'T find exit of rides

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In my park I have few rides that has two stations, one for the entrance and one for the exit, pretty common stuff.

Then again, when configure like this (Monorail and Wodden Roller Coaster) a bug occur : My mechanics can'T find the exit somehow when they break down.

This does not happen all the time but still when it does it'S annoying since i got to rely on autosave and go back.

In the wooden Roller Coaster example the mech goes straight in the entrance when the bug occur, but don't enter the ride and in the monorail example he finds the exit but cannot enter the ride for some reason.

It looks like there is a connection with placing ride exit in a wide open area and the fact that mechs don't find exit, since those are my only rides i build like this and my other rides seems to get fix with no problem

Thanks in advance



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Rebuilding the exit (or entrance) should fix these kind of issues.

Some breakdowns can be fixed from any station, but some require the mechanic to go to a specific station (when restraints are stuck), if that station has no exit it will enter through the entrance.

I see no rides that are broken down on your screenshots.

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In the second screenshot I see a pirate ship with red text, but you mentioned the wooden coaster, so I assume that's the one you mean. The path looks connected, so the mechanics should be able to walk in. Did you disable clearance by any chance while building the ride, or the paths?

Also, there's no need to load a previous save. In the ride status tab you can force the ride to be fixed, next to the find-nearest-mechanic icon.

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Sometimes, when you build paths with zero clearance, they don't connect up to things properly. It tends to just build through things instead of connecting to them. For example, if you built a path on the same square as the entrance, the queue might connect up to the path you built instead of the entrance. I find the easiest thing to do is to avoid building paths with clearances disabled - instead, build the path first and then zero-clearance the scenery you need on top of it.

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