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Somebody is impersonating me in OpenRCT2

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@SensualEthiopianPolice I'm sorry to hear that. #3699 is nearly done, it should put an end to such issues.


@wolfreak_99 I did not plan to respond to you, but seeing how everyone else has weighed in, I feel compelled to do so myself.

We have not brushed things off, we are aware of the problems. We simply don't want to rush things and them improperly, so when users get the hang of things, we would meet with considerable backlash for changing things around. The few of us invested in OpenRCT2 project had a discussion on how to best address those issues and decided on the way we want to go and how to solve all of them. We initially wanted have a central authority for having accounts, most probably openrct2.org, but some folks came to gitter and complained about that. As you can see, we took their opinions into consideration.

You offered your worked on IP-based banning, private messages and some other items, but then never really showed any will to contribute it. See http://www.gitterforum.com/discussion/openrct2-openrct2?page=1345 if your memory fails. You accuse us of mocking you and being impolite, but I see it completely the other way around. You come to us and drop you whole life story, whine and moan (http://www.gitterforum.com/discussion/openrct2-openrct2?page=1349), then insult everyone (calling strangers on the Internet "dude", "bro", "koreans can suck it" http://www.gitterforum.com/discussion/openrct2-openrct2?page=1361) and refuse to share your work anyway and still expect us to stay calm.

We explained to you time and again, why we won't merge your ban system, yet you still insisted on working on that. That's fine, you can have your own version, we're open source project after all, it's simply shame that you don't want to upstream at least parts of your work; we expressed interest in other items you pitched. You have not made any quality work yet, as your only PR had to be fixed anyway (https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3167#issuecomment-207958794)

It seems to me your personal issues take the best of you, which is a shame because we could use your contribution, but the way you fend off people makes it not worth our while. I'd rather make do without your contributions than having to deal with you.

I'm glad you find my work useful, it is intended to be such. It was discussed and carefully designed with other members and developers to reliably fix most, or all, issues at the same time, while still being easy for the users and manageable for hosts.

Let me straighten this up, however: I have no intention on working with you, I find you quite annoying and don't expect any help from me, at least not until you change your attitude.

You're still free (and I encourage you) to open pull requests against upstream repo, when you finally have something share-worthy.

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I never thought of the problem being in the long term, of backlash from the future. i always misinterpreted it as a problem on assuming you might not have played that many online games because to know as much as you guys do would take alot of time to learn, this was my fault on my ignorance. I do have an attitude problem. "

"It seems to me your personal issues take the best of you, which is a shame because we could use your contribution, but the way you fend off people makes it not worth our while."

You're right. right now, i'm trying to find a counselor and i'm actively looking because i just can no longer do this by myself and need someone to talk to and ultimately i need help. 

Janisozaur, you mentioned my one pull request and how you guys had to fix my problems, could you link me to where ever you guys did fix it? i know about the dude saying the travis build wasn't making versions for non-multiplayer mode (the disbelief of people using a non-multiplayer mode caused me to push it off. again, i apologize on my behalf on that part.), but i did look through commits and never seen anyone fix it. i'm curious on who actually fixed it and how they fixed it, because i couldn't find any fix myself.

I'm going to try my hardest to force myself to stay away from visual studio and this game for a while and maybe even my computer and focus on getting my life together and helping myself out because i just can't keep going on line this, it's no longer just here that i'm miserable about, it's everything in my life that is bothering me. so i'm going to (or at least i'm going to try to force myself to) take a bit of time off from all of this, refresh myself, get my shit together. when i come back i will port some of the stuff i've made into pull requests. i'll likely start off with small stuff and then move into the bigger more complex stuff because i need to ease myself into this group environment. again i apologize about all of my bullshit i've brought to you guys, and i hope to work with you guys and be more of a more mentally healthier enjoyable developer / helper in the future when i come back.

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@wolfreak_99 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/commit/1947b1dd30a56431f5ecebe94d31993acd5020c9 you have even left a comment there.


You're right in thinking I have not played online games, but this is only slightly helpful in figuring out proper way of authorisation of clients. I don't, however, contribute a lot to the core, gameplay experience for this reason.


The no-network builds, you'll notice, are not pushed anywhere like the normal builds. They're not meant to be used by people (but at one point in time they provided support for XP, which is now done differently), but by us to verify we can still work without depending on curl & openssl, which are huge libraries themselves and take a special skill to get built, and then the complex networking code on top of it.

They have served their purposed more than once, the initial Linux & osx builds, now ports to android/armv7, iOS and x86-64 are all possible specifically because we keep those builds around and it's so much easier to do.

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How can i tell what was added by people other than me on that link? because by the looks of it that's the code i made, it just says intel because he merged the request. (I left that comment cause i was happy that it finally got merged and thus servers were no longer able to be griefed as easily. )  Or am i misinterpreting that "wolfreak with intel" part? 

Edit: by finally i'm only talking about that it was a request that was meant to help save other servers from a big problem. if it was something small i am usually patient about, such as that cheat formatting i did a few years back.

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Hello everyone. When I was in Man of Teal's second server yesterday, I saw that an impostor came when I had a #2 in my name and I saw my impostor in Skylander's server. This impersonating shit needs to be stopped now and I am planning to do an investigating with MoT owner to get rid of the impostor from the keys in the second server after school.

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Good News: I just meet with Park Manager of MoT and he said to go in the server where the impostor was playing in and he killed the impostor by removing his key and username from his users.json file. He set me to verified when I no longer have the #2 in my name. I'm so glad that he killed one of my impostors in his server. :)

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