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If Custom Track types were possible...

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If Custom Track types were possible, what kind of rides would you want to see the most as custom content? I think somthing that would be nice is rotateable 'car ride' cars like the Doom-buggies (Disney Haunted Mansion) or the clam shells (Disney Little Mermaid) Another thing would probably be the jeeps from Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland, CA) with 2 pitch controls, (banking and pitching) This is not about these being added, just random ideas you would imagine as being fun to mess with. (Both my examples would probably use the Car Ride track sprites, but have their own modifications available to separate them from them.) And yes, I know there is a car type for the Doom Buggies, but I'm talking about something usable to recreate the feel of the ride, rather then the look.

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I have a long list of custom track styles I wish I could make:

  • Intamin track with all the inversions available
  • New style Intamin hyper track
  • Intamin quad-rail track (technically already in the game, but very limited and thus basically useless)
  • B&M dive track (wider than standard B&M track)
  • RMC track
  • Waterslide track with banked curves and vertical drops
  • Wider waterslide track (for four-person rafts; I currently use bobsled which isn't ideal)
  • Alpine coaster/slide track

Your rotating car ride could probably implemented in the game as it is by putting it on multi-dimension track (which has the pitch control), and then making that invisible and zero-clearancing car ride track over the top. Not ideal, because it requires the use of cheats, but if you wanted to do that it could be done.

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I would add in the Intamin flat truss tracks that are often used in in eurofighters and mega-lites/gigas where there is less stress on the track. An example can be shown here. Near the end of the coaster, the track type switches from a triangle truss to a flat truss.

I would add in more banking angles to all track types, instead of just 45 degrees. Maybe in 15 degree increments. Also I would add in wider turns.

I would add in is the Maurer Söhne track, and along with it, the x-car trains. Basically the looping or LIM coaster track, but with a more pronounced rail height. I would also add it vertical lift hill functionality.

I would change the brakes on Giga (Intamin triangle truss) track to intamin brake fins. Also would have the option of changing the lift hill to LSM launch or magnetic launch fins.

I would add in Gerstlauer Eurofighter track in both flat-truss and quad truss sections. With vertical lift hills, dive loops, and beyond vertical falls.

And of course, I would add in hybrid tracks.

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Some of that is already in the game. The mini coaster track is very similar to Intamin two-rail track. The width might be slightly different though - depends how pedantic you want to be. Vertical lifts are supported via hacks, but the track doesn't actually show as a lift hill, it just behaves as one

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AquaTrax would be a must, of course.

Also, Intamin Inverted coaster track.

Kuka RoboArm track would also be neat (as far as I know, it's only used on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure). Then again, that sort of ride would almost always be indoors anyway, so it's just as good to create a big building around a tracked car ride and pretend there's something more interesting inside.

And, of course, Pinfari tracks. For when you want your park to have that unprofessional look. The Junior coaster has much of the same look, but I'd appreciate the ability to add a loop.


As for launched coasters, well, it's obvious that launched coasters were in their infancy when RCT2 came out. The lack of launched rides in the game is striking considering how common and varied launched coasters are today - back then, a launch would be the only point of the ride, but now it's almost so common that you could consider it a counterpart to the regular lift hill: just a thrilling way to get the ride up to speed. Either way, I'd love to have a launch track available for every coaster type. RCT3 got it almost right with its Storm Runner track, but then botched the concept so badly it's almost laughable. Using RCT3's Storm Runner track, you could make two coaster layouts, and those two only: A Strata Coaster, or a recreation of Storm Runner itself.

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I feel like I should mention that the Doom-Buggies and Clam Shells mentioned in the original post are Omnimover rides. Also, I'd think a launched section would be nice so one could recreate something like California Screamin' (Disney California Adventure). I could see some of the ride types from RCT3 being recreated as well, like some of the inverted rides. I guess the ride type I'd like to see brought back is the Tilt Coaster (Basically an extended Corkscrew).Also, from what I understand, there is plans for the Junior Steep Hill sections to return, as the files are in ORCT2, however go unused for reasons this post is based on.

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