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  1. This is the version I am using: Version (fd18ac7) As for ExCrafty's comments, I can save the track design in a scenario with all the appropriate vehicle types and then try and build it in the same park immediately afterward and the vehicle type will change from what it should be saved as. It doesn't matter if the vehicle type is available in that park, it will build with another vehicle type if there are other available for that track type. If I save a wooden coaster track with the standard wooden coaster trains and go to build it in a park that only has that ride vehicle available for wooden coasters, the custom track selection will still state in red that the vehicle is not available. However, in this case, the track when built would feature the correct vehicles since that is the only type available in that park. But in other parks where multiple vehicle types are available for a track, the game keeps switching to a different vehicle type
  2. When I try to save my custom track designs the ride vehicle type is not saving. For example, if I save an impulse coaster with the Barnstorming Trains, when I go to build, it says "vehicle design unavailable" in red when selecting the design. The vehicle type is available in that scenario...and when I go to build, the regular impulse trains are there instead. The same happened with a wooden coaster design and depending on the scenario, the game will change the vehicle type to another wooden type, different from what it should be. I've seen it change to the stagecoach or articulated trains when it should just be the regular wooden coaster train. This issue appears to only affect custom tracks that I have saved since updating to the latest version.
  3. Certain ride vehicles like the steeplechase horses have an excitement factor of +5%. One of the latest updates has changed all the excitement factors to 0%. Though it seems that the factors are still in place, they are listed as 0%. Is this a bug? Anyone else notice this?
  4. This has been happening for several updates at least, but whenever I quit the game on my Mac I get a crash log. I'm not tech savvy so I don't know how much of the entire long log is useful but here is part of what it says: Application Specific Information: abort() called terminating with uncaught exception of type std::__1::system_error: mutex lock failed: Invalid argument I can provide more if that is helpful. The game runs fine, but every time I quit I get the same crash report.
  5. I can confirm this issue on Mac for me as well. The hedge fences show up with the bushes, rather than fences. The large fountain shows up with the bushes and not the rest of the water features. Stone bench is with Egyptian and not path items. Wood block is with Mine items. List goes on.
  6. I cannot answer all of your questions. But from my experience brake failure is extremely rare. It does affect all normal brakes and the station brakes. However, it does not affect block brakes, even in continuous operating mode. So when I create a coaster that will run without block brake mode, I always add two block brakes back to back before the station. After building a block brake you have to remember to change the coaster back to continuous mode since the game will default the ride to block section mode whenever you build a block brake. But two block brake track pieces is enough to slow the trains to a safe speed in the event of a brake failure. For some reason just once block track piece doesn't always work. I've noticed inconsistencies with the speed at which just one block track slows the train. Anyway, that's my method to ensure no crashes. As for your crash you cannot figure out, sometimes a safety cut out will stop the lift chain and the trains will back up at a lifthill. Then when it restarts, if there are some trains full and some empty, the full cars can catch up to the empty ones, sometimes at speed, causing a crash. I've had a mine car ride that would crash randomly after breakdowns. Always fun to troubleshoot and then try and build a safer coaster. Hope this helps. This video may also help for derails...this guy does very informative videos on all sorts of RCT2 stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5l0Wl8xD2k
  7. I saw the new features shows that opaque water is an option. How do I turn this feature on? The option to "toggle underwater view" is greyed out. FYI, I don't have RCT1 files.
  8. I was previously using 0.3.2-107 for Mac and just upgraded to 0.3.2-204 yesterday. After playing I noticed the amount of guests in the queues was substantially less. Rides that usually had full queues were nearly empty. Tons of peeps were just walking around the paths, not walking up to any rides. Is this related to the new improvement? I usually use double-wide paths since playing on some older parks. Improved: [#12917] Changed peep movement so that they stay more spread out over the full width of single tile paths.
  9. I've always wanted this too. For really big parks it would be nice to have more useable entrances.
  10. In the original RCT2 I used to create two stations, one entrance, one exit, but I would add an entrance to the exit station as well. I'd make a very short queue so several riders exiting the ride could jump back in line and get on the ride again. I would use a No Entry sign to keep the regular guests from accessing the short queue at the exit. I thought of it as my own Fast Lane/Freeway Pass system. However, in OpenRCT2, guests try to access the coaster by both queue lines and begin to complain that they cannot find the ride when searching for the Fast Lane queue. I'm curious if there is a solution for this.
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