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  1. I was previously using 0.3.2-107 for Mac and just upgraded to 0.3.2-204 yesterday. After playing I noticed the amount of guests in the queues was substantially less. Rides that usually had full queues were nearly empty. Tons of peeps were just walking around the paths, not walking up to any rides. Is this related to the new improvement? I usually use double-wide paths since playing on some older parks. Improved: [#12917] Changed peep movement so that they stay more spread out over the full width of single tile paths.
  2. I've always wanted this too. For really big parks it would be nice to have more useable entrances.
  3. In the original RCT2 I used to create two stations, one entrance, one exit, but I would add an entrance to the exit station as well. I'd make a very short queue so several riders exiting the ride could jump back in line and get on the ride again. I would use a No Entry sign to keep the regular guests from accessing the short queue at the exit. I thought of it as my own Fast Lane/Freeway Pass system. However, in OpenRCT2, guests try to access the coaster by both queue lines and begin to complain that they cannot find the ride when searching for the Fast Lane queue. I'm curious if there is a sol
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