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  1. I was selecting the correct directory in the GOG folder and it just showed the blank command prompt afterwards. I fixed it by reinstalling directly into the RCT2 folder (for the second time...) Not sure what was up with that...
  2. My bad. I forgot to mention that I couldn't find a working solution when I searched it. I guess I'll look again
  3. Just installed OpenRCT2, but when I try to launch it a dialogue box displays "Unable to find RCT2 installation directory. Please select the directory where you installed RCT2!" as well as a blank command prompt-esque box. It then brings up a box to select the install directory, but when I select it nothing happens, leaving me with the command prompt looking thing. I can launch the regular game perfectly fine. Any help? Its the Triple Thrill Pack off of GOG if that helps at all.
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