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  1. i think so, i hope will this limit removed soon..
  2. what will be removed? are u talkin about guest limit?
  3. @Broxzier yes it fixed! oh im playing for 2 hours how i passed time:) i discover something if u clicked send large guest , it will send just max 9000 guest:) no more... maybe they enabled to just for 9000 guest cuz of laptop would be slow maybe will be high cpu's values:) we know its not simcity we dont try for make 100 000 guest haha:)) maybe another peoples too know that max 9000 guest for the park... anyway nice game:)
  4. hi everybody, u know if ur coaster is so high and scary, guests wont ride ur coaster i didnt see on cheats menu " allow guests ride all coaster " or something like that settings... how can we do that? thanks
  5. okay thanks for everything bro im playing with good quality:)
  6. if it looks blurry for me, what should i do? do u think change my main resolution on my laptop? i use on my laptop now 1280 x 768. maybe game shows resolutions to me what i set main resolution on my laptop? for example if i set 1024 x 600 , i will see the same settings as main resolution? i mean game settings depends to main resolution maybe
  7. if i changed 1,25 , display quality made blurred.. if i changed 1,0 , quallity is better and looks HD as u see i see we cant do nothing.. but its ok i will play with 1,25 there is no way and i would like to say we wanna new languages! for example Turkish! i saw a lot of languages but i couldnt see Turkish sorry for my flood messages
  8. okay now i download that( last update) build d1d6be0 i see u changed window scale factor:) it makes worse to display quality? isnt it? if i set 1280 x 768 to display resolution with window scale factor 1.0 , i see bad quality display when i changed window scale factor 1.25... little changed if we use window scale factor, this settings looks like zoom i install now last update i will look again window scale factor...
  9. i downloaded stable version 0.0.4 and i installed but still doesnt work i cant change resolution there has just 2 options maybe i set wrong in config.ini ? i change that 1024 x 600 but it doesnt change when i looked in the game...
  10. hi @Broxzier again, i downloaded this " OpenRCT2-" in 8 october , i think its not old version, isnt it? maybe i should download stable 0.0.4 version? u mean that?
  11. we are chattting with u @Broxzier already thanks a lot but i would like to say another friends , it doesnt work.... i cant change my resolution maybe another friends knows some info about that? thanks guys im trying to change dipslay resolution in the game but i couldnt change , may somebody try change to resolution? oh i see just now he is devepoler:)) so if he doesnt know , who knows this settings?:)) we hope we will fix it and im waiting for new patches for more options in the game....
  12. hi everybody, firstly i wanna say,this mod is amazing really! well done! im so glad with such amazing mode for this game... i looked settings in the game but i see just 2 options for change resolution... it made me sad actually.. cuz first option its so far (1280 x 768), second option so near (800 x 480 ) , my eyes will break:)) please add to next patch.. im waiting or maybe we can change but i couldnt find anything... i would like to set display resolution that 1024 x 768 or 1024 x 600 for example or something like that (could be nearby) i would like to see 4-5 options in t
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