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  1. Wuis

    Group Park 2

    I'll get to it tommorow, if not the afternoon then the evening.
  2. Wuis

    Group Park 2

    Okay that's cool, and I didn't build without 'disable clearance checks' as far as I know. Might look into my settings. ^^' EDIT: It was definitely off, how the coaster is still clipping through is a question for both of us but from any other angle it is fine.
  3. Wuis

    Group Park 2

    I was just messing around in the old V2.27, cause a compact multi-launch coaster wasn't so easy as I remembered. And I didn't want to take ages tbh. Not claiming anything, and this design will probably just end up in the trash can. Thus! Would this be tiny enough, or do I need to crop it into an even smaller spot, that's surely possible ( because I already have two that are smaller than this ) but not prefered ofcourse. ^^ Also, while I was building the coaster, the park got this cool achievement. x) ps. These things are huge, I really would like spoilers, but I do
  4. Wuis

    Hi, I'm Joshua

    Thank you both! It's not what I am most proud of, but it kinda shows the mess I make, like always. I try to make a good-looking park, but I don't seem to quite get there on the effort part.
  5. I'm Joshua, born in the Netherlands causing my mother tongue to be Dutch, I also speak okay English, but that's just according to others. I usually just game really casual, but I kinda go hardcore on this game and I am pretty sure it is my most played game. P.S. I might add 1 screenshot so you could so how, what and so on I do in this game.
  6. Wuis

    Group Park 2

    Okay, thanks for the heads up! ^^
  7. Wuis

    Group Park 2

    So, if it would be my turn, would it be able to make a multi launch coaster (giga coaster) and a simulator? Or like a multi launch coaster and a (few) stall(s)? Or is it just the area that counts? (30x30?) The posts in the previous topic are quite messy about it.
  8. Wuis

    Group Park 2

    This all looks so cool! I would like to join a future/this project. I mostly just play around with a coaster or little areas, so parks most of the time turn out ugly because I begin forcing myself to do things, but this seems perfect. Going to take a look in the file for myself.
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