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  1. As you can see in the image, I was building a Suspended Swinging and then that happened. I'd imagine it's not supposed to do that right?
  2. Sorry for the late reply, but it's actually remade RCT1 scenarios. I've just been injecting mods into them. The reason why I'm trying to change the description though is because they supposedly are supposed to have prebuilt rides but they don't seem to...
  3. On another note, the scenario doesn't seem to have it's own text object file...
  4. I don't even...all I'm trying to do is edit an existing scenario...but the damn details won't change in the scenario selection menu and what you said doesn't seem to work.
  5. For whatever reason, when I try to enter the details and scenario description and whatnot it won't actually change what is shown in the Scenario Selector. Idk if this belongs here or in problems and feedback but whatever. There's probably something simple I overlooked so any suggestions are welcome.
  6. I once got a false-positive but that's all...
  7. Title. And maybe a Rainbow entrance or something...
  8. Christmas-themed challenge map. Might crash if you don't have the proper CS. Money-based, with a 40% interest rate for the loan because you're in the north pole. >:) If you want to play with me whenever I'm online (or just to download the CS) then my server is Earl - Santa's Workshop or something similar to that. EDIT: I FORGOT THAT I HAD THE CS OPTION SELECTED. Santas Workshop Challenge.sv6
  9. As in, the full thing with the jet boosters. The jet boosters were very important and critical and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make/port it from RCT3 into RCT2 because I really want to remake a certain slide that went for about 10 minutes with an average speed of 70mph. >:D
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