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peoples path-finding and other problems

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The people's intelligence seems to be flawed in some ways. They often get stuck in large concentrations, and do not have the intelligence to go around large areas to find the ride/food stand they are attracted to. Also the handymen do not have an optimized strategy for finding messes. Also rides break down more often than any mechanic can fix them which in rct2 is every 10 minutes. These are all problems in normal roller coaster tycoon 2 but seem to be worse in openrct2. 

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There are places where the RCT2 AI gets stuck, and different places where the OpenRCT2 AI gets stuck. I do agree that the OpenRCT2 AI needs some more help in certain places, and the developers are well aware of it. There are plans for completely rewriting the path-finding with quite advanced algorithms already. In the second podcast, the one from December or early January, some ideas about it were mentioned.

Handymen basically walk around randomly within their area, their code has been decompiled quite recently. Just like peep AI there are plans for improving this. This is not a simple task, so don't expect it to happen soon. Right now we mostly stuck with this behaviour and sometimes make small changes to make it more acceptable.

I haven't experienced the often ride breakdowns myself, I think it's in line with vanila RCT2.

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On 3/10/2016 at 05:55, Broxzier said:

In the second podcast, the one from December or early January, some ideas about it were mentioned.

You guys do an OpenRCT2 podcast? where can i find it?

Also I have noticed the breakdown problem. I had a coaster that broke down several times between each inspection, even when they were set to 10 minutes. The reliability was only at 8% and the downtime was at 26%. This isn't a problem I've noticed in vanilla RCT2.

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