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Pirate Themed Music = Drunken Sailor!

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Every song in game is called 'Song' style Example: Fairground Organ Style, Modern Style, Pirate Style, Urban Style E.T.C. This is likely to reflect the idea that each song is to fit a style of ride. It's actually understandable that you got it mixed up since you style rides with themeing.

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There is actually only 4 songs not done by Allister Brimble and aren't part of Fairground Organ Style. Pirate Style (Drunken Sailor), Organ Style (Toccata - Charles-Marie Widor), Fantasy Style (Flight of Fantasy - Steve Blenkinsopp), Ragtime Style (Searchlight Rag - Scott Joplin). Every other style is created by Allister, but every Fairground Organ song is not.

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