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Filtering WW/TW Content scenarios for users without them


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Now this is just biased in my opinion, but there should be a feature where if you don't have the required Expansion pack for roller coaster tycoon 2, there should be a filter available in the options section where scenarios requiring add-ons would be faded out and unplayable when checked. I have several scenarios like this, and I want them filtered out to show what I can play and what I can't play until I get an expansion pack.

Another note: I wanted a similar thing with multiplayer, but I don't know how that would work with the search system...

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1 hour ago, imlegos said:

Tycoon 3 had icons for if a park required certain expansions to run, so we could probably have a WW and a TT icon for RCT2 that would display depending on expansion packs.

The only problem is that it already shows up when you change it in the options of OpenRCT2 to group scenarios in the RCT1 style, the thing is, I want user-made scenarios that require WW/TT to be filtered. The Vanilla WW/TT groups will appear normally in their sections when installed. I get your concept though.

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2 hours ago, imlegos said:

There is normally quite a bit of empty space under the scenario description and goal in the selection screen, so why not there?

I don't really know, but that is off topic. I know that the clear description shows when you beat it though. Though we can use it as a filter button.

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I don't get what you're saying, Jaletsplay. Having an icon for each expansion pack displayed in the scenario selector would probably be enough for this. Filtering out the scenarios that require expansion packs seems unnecessary to me, why would you have custom scenario's that you can't play at all?

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It seems i wasn't understood by the poster, but what i'm saying is that in the bar on the right of the scenario selection window, there is a large empty spot under where the description, goal, and clear information are. We could probably have a custom logo for both WW and TT there, grayed out or in color depending on if the pack is required or not. I'm pretty sure that the expansion tabs don't show unless they're installed, but in the custom scenarios, this could be helpful. A similar thing could be placed between the server name and what version of the networking software the server is running.

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