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Car Length of rides

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64 does seem to be the limit of the dropdown menu, any more than that causes problems, and I know that the vehicle selection dropdown is limited to 64 items as well. To get 255, I just modified the code to ignore the dropdown and always set the train length to 255. Obviously this is not very practical so I've now changed it back to 64 - I put it up that high partly to see how far it can go, but also to try and detect any remaining buffer overflows (adding this many cars to an array sized for 16 will surely break something, right?).

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I have been trying to get the same results from RCT (with Dragon Trainer) to increase Car/Train lengths in vanilla. RCT2, seems to have a fault in it? I cannot seem to go beyond the MAX limit. Even with Cheat Engine it crashes as soon as I change the limit beyond the max. Anyway to fix that?

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I have no experience with trainers as I've only ever used OpenRCT2 for hacks, and so I don't know exactly how the train length cheat that trainers provide is implemented. Trainers can only change memory values, not the code, so it's definitely not done by patching out the check like I did.

In vanilla, the maximum train length is recalculated repeatedly whenever the ride window is open, so I doubt that just changing that value alone would work. When I did it in vanilla I would modify the minimum train length in the object file, which was the only way I found to force the maximum to be increased - otherwise, the station length and minimum friction are pretty much hard limits. If you do this with a trainer though, remember to reset the minimum after you've built your ride or the object won't export properly.

In vanilla and all current versions of OpenRCT2 (except my patch), there is a hard limit of 16 cars (including zero cars and invisible cars, which don't show in the in-game car count). Attempting to bypass this limit will corrupt memory and most likely crash your game.

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