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  1. Since we are talking about 8-cars per trainer, exactly where does it inject to manipulate the min/max cars per train on any ride? I would like to incorporate this into Cheat Engine so that it runs with RCTC vanilla directly. So far, I only found the instruction that resets it to the max hardcode limit (by setting it to 12) any ride with have 12 cars pers train on open function or change of cars, but i want it to be more UI friendly and let the drop down do the work (no luck there sadly). You can see this is RCTC with a Railroad Train using 12 cars (-2).
  2. I actually just noticed RCTC was released last year, and completely missed out on it. It is a complete remaster and combination of RCT 1 and 2 put together. Now I am not sure how openRCT2 was designed if it was from scratch, decompiled, or etc. However, would there be a possiblity that RCTC would be taken into this project or is it impossible. Right now I don't even know what it is coded in, and there are 0 trainers for RCTC at this point (boy I miss having 18 Cars per train for a Steam Railroad trian). Has anyone found any valid trainers, are there any external projects for it?
  3. I have been trying to get the same results from RCT (with Dragon Trainer) to increase Car/Train lengths in vanilla. RCT2, seems to have a fault in it? I cannot seem to go beyond the MAX limit. Even with Cheat Engine it crashes as soon as I change the limit beyond the max. Anyway to fix that?
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