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Ideas for the Server List


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 When they updated the Server list window to show off players online on every server, which is great, I thought about more stuff that could improve the whole server/lobby window.

  1. Filter (An icon with a list where you can filter out 'maps', player count, Password Protected servers, game versions etc) - With more servers being added, it gets a bit messy
  2. Map shower (Showing off the map/campaign that the server is running)
  3. Sorting (Tab at the top to sort name by the alphabet, players per server etc)
  4. Downloading? Mb/Kb/bytes? (Tell what the numbers are, for example; Downloading map... 425/953 mb )
  5. See which players are on the server (Useful if you want to .. stalk someone.. or just play with a friend)
  6. Being able to ABORT the "Map download" (You can, if you press on the X, it just comes back up)


  • (Tutorial how to set ut a server) - Just a simple button with a pop up who tells you about the port - A lot of people don't know this about the port.
  • A easier to see color when tagging a server as ur favorite? (It's not the easiest to see, especially depending on which screen- and settings you use)
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2 minutes ago, NightHawk said:

Yeah, password protected servers are the cancer of openrct2. People are too lazy to care about the group system it seems...

It's not the problem that it's cancer, the problem is that it blocks the view of open servers, especially when it's not even sorted in a row

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