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Multiplayer ideas that I got after hosting a server


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I hosted my own server for around 14 hours which really opened my eyes as I found some things that maybe could make the multiplayer experience better.

  1. Different types of color in the chat for different groups (For example admins have a specific color / you can choose ur own color choice per group) - Game already supports multi-color text
  2. Extra tab / Info on who built what coaster (An extra tab where you can see who built that specific coaster/item) - Easier to find greifers too
  3. Admins can choose which scenariers to disable (Easier to fight off greifers)
  4. Being able to TURN OFF the "Spam random stuff around this area" (Often used by greifers to mass spam scenery)
  5. Anti-Spam protection (A small delay when spamming too many items or a warning maybe? like after 4 items within 1 sec you have to wait 1 sec)
  6. 'Message of the day' - A pop up message when you join the server, the game already supports the campaign window + the "Network de-sync" (Good for rules etc)
  7. Permissions to edit coasters + shops (Give specific people permissions to edit the coaster you're building on) - NEW: 2016-02-29
  8. Remembering players groups (Good to ban greifers etc, just if it made a text dokument on the servers PC to save the statuses for players) - NEW: 2016-02-29
  9. Dedicated program to create servers (Good if you want to host servers and not play it) - NEW: 2016-02-29
  10. Voting system on coaster (Let people give a like or voting on a coaster) - NEW 2016-03-03
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2 minutes ago, Nubbie said:

Anti-Spam protection (A small delay when spamming too many items or a warning maybe? like after 4 items within 1 sec you have to wait 1 sec)

I really like this idea. Also 4 sounds like a reasonable number, it takes time before you see the scenery while playing online anyway, so players can't stack scenery that quickly.

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5 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

I really like this idea.

Well to be honest did I think that would be the idea that would be LEAST interesting :P

Would rather love to see different colors in the chat so you can see when an admin is talking 

And the message of the day thingy so you can see rules and a welcome message

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The game currently has a message that displays in chat before the "(player) joined" message based client side... so i don't see how a MotD system would be harder. This could probably be a new restriction addable in the Multiplayer menu (This could be toggleable for those who run servers separate from their game, like WhiskeyStation) Changing it would also be a tab under MP

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